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A new method to analyze the similarity between multiply aligned protein motifs (blocks) was developed. It identifies sets of consistently aligned blocks. These are found to be protein regions of similar function and structure that appear in different contexts. For example, the Rossmann fold ligand-binding region is found similar to TIM barrel and methylase(More)
In accordance with the key role of MHC class I molecules in the adaptive immune response against viruses, they are expressed by most cells, and their expression can be enhanced by cytokines. The assembly and cell surface expression of class I complexes depend on a continuous peptide supply. The peptides are generated mainly by the proteasome and are(More)
Sound source localization has numerous applications such as detection and localization of mechanical or structural failures in vehicles and buildings or bridges, security systems, collision avoidance, and robotic vision. The paper presents the design of an anechoic chamber, sensor arrays and an analysis of how the data acquired from the sensors could be(More)
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