Vitalio Alfonso Reguera

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This study investigates cross-reactions between somatic and metabolic antigens of various anisakids in the serum of patients with allergic processes. Twenty patients with allergic reactions after eating fish were studied using the skin-prick test for sensitivity to four species of anisakids. IgE was also determined, by blotting, in the serum of these(More)
Location awareness allows to define a concurrent transmission region where a primary and a secondary networks can coexist. We investigate the impact of joint rate and power control on the performance of a cognitive radio ad hoc network overlaying a primary system. The proposed strategies adequately adjust the secondary user transmit power to increase the(More)
Blind rendezvous strategies for dynamic spectrum access in multi-channel ad-hoc networks have recently attracted the attention of many researchers. Their work has mostly focused on the design of rendezvous strategies between two network devices which actively try to establish communication. In this paper, we extend the analysis of pair-wise strategies to(More)
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