Vitalii Ivanov

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The effect of exogenous glutamic acid and arginine on the contractility of isolated perfused rat heart and on the metabolism of some nitrogenous compounds was studied. Sixty-minute anoxic perfusion (95% N2 + 5% CO2) led to a fall in developed isovolumic pressure and an elevation in diastolic pressure, to an increase in the production of alanine, glutamine,(More)
The experiments were carried out to find out whether exogenous glutamic or aspartic acid could diminish changes in the cardiac contractile function and high-energy phosphate content caused by underperfusion of isolated isovolumic rat heart. After 40 min of reduced coronary flow (from 10 to 3 ml/min) there was an almost four-fold fall in the developed(More)
The effect of glutamic acid on the cardiac contractile function and sources of anaerobic ATP formation in hypoxic myocardium was studied in isovolumic rat hearts. The presence of glutamic acid (5 mM) in the perfusate significantly diminished an increment in diastolic pressure caused by 60 min hypoxia, and facilitated its complete recovery during 30 min(More)
The effect of glutamic acid added to cardioplegic solution containing 20 mM K+ on the cardiac function and metabolism was studied in isolated working rat hearts. 30-min cardiac arrest resulted in profound fall in creatine phosphate and ATP content, by four- and two-fold, respectively, as well as in four-fold rise in AMP content. Simultaneously, during(More)
Intravenous infusion of L-glutamic acid results in the augmentation of the cardiac output and an improvement of the circulation in patients with postoperative cardiac failure. This effect is not accompanied by increased myocardial oxygen demand. Arterial plasma glutamate level rises 10-fold and arterial-coronary sinus plasma glutamate difference increases(More)
We report direct observations of Rabi oscillations and self-induced transparency in a quantum dot optical amplifier operating at room temperature. The experiments make use of pulses whose durations are shorter than the coherence time which are characterized using Cross-Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating. A numerical model which solves the Maxwell and(More)
The effect of intravenous infusion of glutamic acid on cardiac contractile function during short-term ischemia and subsequent reperfusion was studied in anaesthetized dogs. Left ventricular ischemia was induced by underperfusion of the anterior descending and circumflex coronary arteries. Infusion of glutamic acid at 3 mg/kg/min resulted in less depression(More)
In the article the expediency of quality assessment of teaching the disciplines in higher education institutions was justified. A method of quality assessment level of teaching the disciplines and respective algorithm were proposed for making informed decisions in the quality management of education. This method is based on using the expert method of paired(More)
supply of this zone through vasodilatation and augmentation of the collateral blood flow [3], on account of a rise in the pressure gradient between the perfused and unperfused areas of myocardium in the boundary zone. The fact that nitroglycerin exerts its strongest action on the inner layers of the myocardium was probably the results of selective action of(More)
Intravenous administration of clofelin blocks transudation of 131I-albumin into the dura mater of rats in electrical stimulation of the trigeminal ganglion. Preliminary injection of the alpha-adrenoblocker yohimbine and the antagonist of serotonin receptors 5-NT1 mianserin completely removes the blocking effect of clofelin. Naloxon and the alpha(More)