Vitali Kaiser

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—Pixel-wise street segmentation of photographs taken from a drivers perspective is important for self-driving cars and can also support other object recognition tasks. A framework called SST was developed to examine the accuracy and execution time of different neural networks. The best neural network achieved an F1-score of 89.5 % with a simple feedforward(More)
One of the biggest challenges towards fully automated driving is achieving robustness. Autonomous vehicles will have to fully recognize their environment even in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, they have to be able to detect sensor and algorithm failures and react properly to keep the vehicle in a safe state.
The Wien effect is a model process for field-induced charge creation. Here it is derived for a nonelectrical system: the spin ice "magnetolyte"-a unique system showing perfect charge symmetry. An entropic reaction field, analogous to the Jaccard field in ice, opposes direct current, but a frequency window exists in which the Wien effect for magnetolyte and(More)
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