Vitali F. Nesterenko

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One-dimensional "sonic vacuum" type phononic crystals were assembled from a chain of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE,Teflon) spheres with different diameters in a Teflon holder. It was demonstrated that this polymer-based sonic vacuum, with exceptionally low elastic modulus of particles, supports propagation of strongly nonlinear solitary waves with a very(More)
One-dimensional strongly nonlinear phononic crystals were assembled from chains of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and stainless-steel spheres with gauges installed inside the beads. Trains of strongly nonlinear solitary waves were excited by impacts. A significant modification of the signal shape and an increase of solitary wave speed up to two times (at(More)
This paper presents the results of a systematic comparative study of the dynamic thermomechanical response of Ti± 6Al±4V alloys with three di€erent microstructures. Two of the alloys are produced by the hot isostatically pressed technique using rapidly solidi®ed granules, with one alloy milled prior to hot pressing. Experiments are performed over a broad(More)
Granular materials exhibit a strongly nonlinear behavior affecting the propagation of energy and information. Dynamically self-organized strongly nonlinear solitary waves are the main information carriers in granular chains. We report the first experimental observation of the dramatic change of solitary wave reflectivity from the interface of two granular(More)
The propagation of highly nonlinear signals in a branched two-dimensional granular system was investigated experimentally and numerically for a system composed of chains of spherical beads of different materials. The system studied consists of a double Y-shaped guide in which high- and low-modulus/mass chains of spheres are arranged in various geometries.(More)
We report the first experimental observation of impulse confinement and the disintegration of shock and solitary waves in one-dimensional strongly nonlinear composite granular materials. The chains consist of alternating ensembles of beads with high and low elastic moduli (more than 2 orders of magnitude difference) of different masses. The trapped energy(More)
Strongly nonlinear phononic crystals were assembled from a chain of Parylene-C coated steel spheres in a polytetrafluoroethylene holder. This system exhibits strongly nonlinear properties and extends the range of materials supporting sonic-vacuum-type behavior. The combination of a high density core and a soft (low elastic modulus) coating ensures a(More)
The shock wave structure in a one-dimensional lattice (e.g., granular chain of elastic particles) with a power law dependence of force on displacement between particles (F proportional to delta(n)) with viscous dissipation is considered and compared to the corresponding long wave approximation. A dissipative term depending on the relative velocity between(More)
We report on the dynamic behavior of strongly nonlinear discrete materials with anomalous strain-softening behavior. Rarefaction solitary waves found in numerical calculations agree well with the exact solution to the continuum wave equation. Compression pulses generated by impact quickly disintegrate into a leading rarefaction solitary wave followed by an(More)
In a strongly nonlinear viscous granular chain impacted by a single grain we observe a wave disturbance that consists of two parts exhibiting two time scales of dissipation. Above a critical viscosity there is no separation of the two pulses, and the dissipation and nonlinearity dominate the shocklike attenuating pulse.