Vitali A. Likhoshvai

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We analyzed the interrelation between the efficiency of a gene expression and the nucleotide composition of all protein-coding sequences in 38 unicellular organisms whose complete genomic sequences are known. These organisms comprise 37 prokaryotic (29 eubacteria and eight archaebacteria) and one eukaryotic (yeast) species. We demonstrated that frequency(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The root apical meristem (RAM) is the plant stem cell niche which provides for the formation and continuous development of the root. Auxin is the main regulator of RAM functioning, and auxin maxima coincide with the sites of RAM initiation and maintenance. Auxin gradients are formed due to local auxin biosynthesis and polar auxin(More)
Development of an in silico cell is an urgent task of systems biology. The core of this cell should consist of mathematical models of intracellular events, including enzymatic reactions and control of gene expression. For example, the minimal model of the E. coli cell should include description of about one thousand enzymatic reactions and regulation of(More)
Phytohormone auxin is the main regulator of plant growth and development. Nonuniform auxin distribution in plant tissue sets positional information, which determines morphogenesis. Auxin is transported in tissue by means of diffusion and active transport through the cell membrane. There is a number of auxin carriers performing its influx into a cell(More)
Infections with HIV represent a great challenge for the development of strategies for an effective cure. The spectrum of diseases associated with HIV ranges from opportunistic infections and cancers to systemic physiological disorders like encephalopathy and neurocognitive impairment. A major progress in controlling HIV infection has been achieved by highly(More)
The hepatitis C virus (HCV) belongs to Flaviviridae family and causes hazardous liver diseases leading frequently to cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. HCV is able to rapidly acquire drug resistance and for this reason there is currently no effective anti-HCV therapy in spite of appearance of new potential drugs. Mathematical models are relevant to(More)
In this paper, we perform an analysis of bacterial cell-cycle models implementing different strategies to coordinately regulate genome replication and cell growth dynamics. It has been shown that the problem of coupling these processes does not depend directly on the dynamics of cell volume expansion, but does depend on the type of cell growth law. Our(More)
Almost all cellular processes in an organism are controlled by gene networks. Here we report on the analysis of gene networks functioning using two associated methods - data accumulation in GeneNet system and generalized chemical kinetic method for mathematical simulation of gene network functional dynamics. The technology of the usage of these methods is(More)
A correlation between efficacy of gene expression and nucleotide composition of its protein-coding sequences was studied. It was found that measures based exclusively on codon frequencies are analogous to codon adaptation index [1] and do not adequately reveal this correlation. A more general measure is suggested, i.e., elongation efficacy index, which(More)
In plant roots, auxin is critical for patterning and morphogenesis. It regulates cell elongation and division, the development and maintenance of root apical meristems, and other processes. In Arabidopsis, auxin distribution along the central root axis has several maxima: in the root tip, in the basal meristem and at the shoot/root junction. The distal(More)