Vital A. J. Montpetit

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PURPOSE Since doxorubicin causes cardiotoxicity, we wished to assess relative concentrations of doxorubicin and its metabolites in cardiac tissues of patients who had been treated antemortem. We also wished to determine factors that correlate with human cardiac doxorubicin and doxorubicinol concentrations. PATIENTS AND METHODS Autopsy tissues were(More)
Platinum concentrations were determined in autopsy tumor samples obtained from 27 patients who had received cisplatin 40-1,029 mg/m2 from 0 to 240 days antemortem. Liver metastases had significantly higher platinum concentrations than did tumors in other sites (p less than 0.005). Platinum concentrations in liver metastases were similar to platinum(More)
A sensitive high-performance liquid chromatography method was used to measure mitoxantrone in autopsy tissue samples of 11 patients who had received the drug iv 10-272 days antemortem. Mitoxantrone was readily detectable in tissues from all patients. Tissue concentrations were proportional to lifetime cumulative dose of mitoxantrone, and decreased very(More)
VP-16 100 mg/m2 was given intravenously to 10 patients undergoing surgical resection of intracerebral tumors, and the drug was assayed in resected tumor using high pressure liquid chromatography. VP-16 concentrations varied from undetectable (<.1 µg/g) to 5.9 µg/g (mean, 1.4 µg/g). VP-16 concentrations in tumors were lower than concurrent plasma(More)
Thirty-four consenting patients received VM-26 50–100 mg/m2 I.V. before surgical resection of intracerebral tumor, and drug was measured using a high pressure liquid chromatographic technique. Sufficient tumor for analysis was obtained from 29 patients. Brain metastases (13 patients) had higher concentrations of V M-26 than did gliomas (13 patients).(More)
Objective: To assess factors that affect cisplatin nephrotoxicity. Methods: In 425 patients treated with cisplatin, we assessed the effect of pretreatment factors and treatment conditions on the rise in serum creatinine with the first course of cisplatin, on the maximum rise in serum creatinine over the entire course of the cisplatin therapy, and on(More)
Mitoxantrone 5–6 mg/m2 was administered IV to 10 consenting patients prior to surgical resection of an intracerebral tumor. Plasma pharmacokinetic parameters were calculated and concentration of mitoxantrone in intracerebral tumors was determined. Concentrations of mitoxantrone were also determined in autopsy tissues of one of the patients who expired 192(More)
In contrast to the ultrastructure of Alzheimer's neurofibrillary tangles (NFT), which has been well characterized as accumulations of paired helical 10-nm filaments (PHF) with 80-nm regular constrictions, the morphology of the neurofibrillary changes of PSP remains ill-defined. Until recently, the fine structure of PSP tangles was generally accepted as(More)
PURPOSE To review the human central nervous system pharmacology of cisplatin, factors that affect cisplatin uptake in tumors, and use alone and with radiation for the treatment of primary brain tumors. METHODS AND MATERIALS The authors review their own prior published and unpublished experience and data published by other groups on the above issues. (More)