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In a previous paper the CSCR domain was defined. Here this is taken to the next stage where the design of a particular Collaborative Research Environment to support Students and Supervisors (CRESS) is considered. Following the CSCR structure this paper deals with an analysis of 13 collaborative working environments to determine a preliminary design for(More)
The History of HCI is briefly reviewed together with three HCI models and structure including CSCW, CSCL and CSCR. It is shown that a number of authorities consider HCI to be a fragmented discipline with no agreed set of unifying design principles. An analysis of usability criteria based upon citation frequency of authors is performed in order to discover(More)
This paper provides a general technical overview of the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) specifications. MHP is a generic interface between digital applications and user machines, whether they happen to be set top boxes, digital TV sets or Multimedia Pc's. MHP extends the DVB open standards. Addressed are MHP architecture, System core, and MHP Profiles. 1.(More)
A number of papers have been reviewed in the areas of HCI, CSCW, CSCL. These have been analyzed with a view to extract the ideas relevant to a consideration of user interactions in a collaborative on line laboratory which is being under development for use in the ITO BSc course at Southampton University. The construction of new theoretical models is to be(More)
Introduction Encryption has been used as a method of protecting computer privacy since 1977. Secret communication plays an increasing role in organizations especially banking, industry, commerce, telecommunication etc. The basic idea of encryption is to modify the network traffic in such a way that its content can be reconstructed only by a legal recipient.(More)