Vita Graudina

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This paper is an overview of the problem solving methods in transport and logistics domain. Main attention is paid on the usage of the agent-based technologies. The purpose of this paper is to give a short overview of already proposed multi-agent system architectures and different agent types used in these architectures. First, paper describes existing(More)
The paper is dedicated to concept map generation from OWL ontologies. This is an important issue because creation of concept maps for knowledge assessment tools are time and effort consuming. During last years since ontology description language OWL is developed amount of created ontologies have been extremely increased. A lot of ontologies written in OWL(More)
The paper is dedicated to OWL ontology derivation from concept maps (CMs) which have been created using the intelligent knowledge assessment system (IKAS). Usage of IKAS allows capturing quite a lot of CMs of different topics covered in several study courses taught at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology of Riga Technical University(More)
This paper presents an approach for comparing study programmes in automatic way by using two software tools: (i) the IKAS system allowing construction of concepts maps representing curricula and their transformation into ontologies and (ii) the WebSmatch tool allowing matching of the ontologies and providing visualization of comparison results. The results(More)
The paper presents a novel architecture of agent-based simulation of teaching and learning process. We propose a conceptual architecture of such system. There are presented several aspects, how the usage of ontologies for the control of students progress can improve the efficiency of intelligent tutoring systems. Main attention is paid to the usage of(More)
In today’s world internet is the answer to every question. So at any time one can easily copy the content from web and use it. This is known as plagiarism .It is growing now days. Usually in plagiarism people reword the documents, copy them, do not give references. It is difficult to detect plagiarism as people rephrase the text do not copy it directly. To(More)
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