Visweswar Bhattacharya

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of a lingual mucosal graft (LMG) urethroplasty for anterior urethral strictures and the donor site complications. METHODS A total of 30 patients underwent urethroplasty for anterior urethral strictures using dorsal on-lay of a LMG from March 2006 to December 2006. Most patients had balanitis xerotica obliterans as(More)
BACKGROUND The knowledge regarding the structural details of deep fascia remains inadequate. It was described to be relatively avascular having predominantly protective function. Anatomical and surgical studies revealed that it had associated vascular arcade and hence incorporated it to ascertain additional vascularity to the flaps. However, not much(More)
BACKGROUND Compound defects of the Achilles region pose a reconstructive challenge. Poor vascularity of the Achilles region predisposes to complications. Repair of the tendon with simultaneous soft-tissue cover gives the patient the best chance to recover. MATERIALS AND METHODS Gastrocnemius musculotendinous V-Y slide for Achilles tendon defect with(More)
BACKGROUND The perforator flaps evolved on the knowledge of the vascular tree from the main vascular trunk up to the subdermal plexus. Therefore, we thought that it's necessary to map the whole vascular arcade by CT angiography. The aim of this study is to evaluate the perforators and the whole vascular tree of the lower limb by peripheral CT angiography(More)
OBJECTIVES To understand the logistics and supply management system of drugs at different levels within the district health care delivery system of Dharbanga in Bihar. METHOD This was a cross-sectional study in 3 Primary Health Centres (PHCs), 3 Additional Primary Health Centres (APHCs) and 6 Subcentres (SCs) during September-December 2008. The study(More)
The rich vascular network in the deep fascia has been emphasized by various scientists, but the actual demonstration of live circulation in the deep fascia has not previously been witnessed. Encouraged by the sight of live circulation in the web membrane of toad hind limb, a successful attempt was made to demonstrate the live circulation in the vascular(More)