Viswanathan Satheesh

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The NAC (NAM, ATAF and CUC) proteins are plant-specific transcription factors implicated in development and stress responses. In the present study 88 pigeonpea NAC genes were identified from the recently published draft genome of pigeonpea by using homology based and de novo prediction programmes. These sequences were further subjected to phylogenetic,(More)
Phosphate (Pi), an essential macronutrient required for growth and development of plants, is often limiting in soils. Pi deficiency modulates the expression of Pi starvation-responsive (PSR) genes including transcription factors (TFs). Here, we elucidated the role of the MYB-related TF HYPERSENSITIVITY TO LOW PHOSPHATE-ELICITED PRIMARY ROOT SHORTENING1(More)
Steroidogenic acute regulatory related transfer (StART) proteins that are involved in transport of lipid molecules, play a myriad of functions in insects, mammals and plants. These proteins consist of a modular START domain of approximately 200 amino acids which binds and transfers the lipids. In the present study we have performed a genome-wide search for(More)
The heat stress transcription factors (Hsfs) play a prominent role in thermotolerance and eliciting the heat stress response in plants. Identification and expression analysis of Hsfs gene family members in chickpea would provide valuable information on heat stress responsive Hsfs. A genome-wide analysis of Hsfs gene family resulted in the identification of(More)
Derelict mines pose potential risks to environmental health. Several factors such as soil structure, organic matter, and nutrient content are the greatly affected qualities in mined soils. Soil microbial communities are an important element for successful reclamation because of their major role in nutrient cycling, plant establishment, geochemical(More)
Clerodendron inerme, a common hedge plant grown in India, is affected by a yellow mosaic disease caused by a begomovirus. In the present study, the complete genome (DNA A) of this virus was cloned and sequenced. The total size of DNA A is 2760 nucleotides. The genome of this virus contains six open reading frames and a non-coding intergenic region of 293(More)
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