Viswanathan Rajaraman

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OBJECT The literature on abdominal and general surgery-related complications following anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) is scant. In this retrospective review of 60 patients in whom ALIF was performed at their institutions between 1996 and 1998, the authors detail the associated complications and their correlation with perioperative factors. The(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge of the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) appearance of the pituitary fossa following transsphenoidal resection of a pituitary adenoma, in the early and late postoperative period, is important for detecting complications and for assessing extent of tumor excision. Few prospective studies have addressed this issue. METHODS Fourteen(More)
Parkinson's disease (PD) results in various types of motor impairments including bradykinesia, tremor and rigidity. Recent research has implicated more fundamental processes at the source of the observed motor deficits. Among these, problems in the sequencing and/or timing of complex movements and in the execution of internally-guided tasks. Furthermore, PD(More)
Traumatic cerebral aneurysm formation following closed head injury is uncommon, although well documented in the literature. Aneurysmal development following surgical procedures on the anterior skull base is extremely rare. This article reports successful neurosurgical management of 3 cases of anterior circulation aneurysms that developed following(More)
OBJECT Non-small cell lung carcinomas with spinal and brachial plexus involvement have traditionally been considered to be Stage IIIb lesions and therefore unresectable. Advances in spinal surgery, the application of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, and improvements in neoadjuvant therapy require a reassessment of the potential for complete resection. (More)
Purpose: The object of this study is to determine the normal range of asymmetry of the lateral atlanto-dens interval (LADI). Methods: Ninety-nine consecutive patients who had CT scans of the atlanto-axial complex for reasons unrelated to the upper cervical spine were studied. Subjects with a history of cervical trauma or rheumatoid arthritis were excluded.(More)
Postoperative pancreatitis may occur following surgery in regions remote from the pancreas and the biliary tree. Though uncommon, it carries a high mortality rate. Pancreatitis complicating spinal surgery is extremely rare. This report describes a case of acute pancreatitis following an anterior lumbar interbody fusion and discusses the possible mechanisms(More)
The efficacy of chemical shift based water-suppression MRI in the evaluation of bone marrow lesions has not been previously reported. T1-weighted images without and with water suppression were compared in five patients with 16 lesions. There was a significant improvement in the contrast-to-noise ratio (from 4.32 to 5.95, P < 0.01) and contrast ratio (from(More)
We report a case of distal end malfunction in a child with ventriculoabdominal shunt. The distal placement was in the gallbladder rather than the peritoneal cavity, as is usually the case with a ventriculoperitoneal shunt. Surgeons should be alerted to the possibility of distal terminus of a shunt to be other than the peritoneal cavity, as revision surgery(More)
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