Viswanathan Lakshmi

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The present paper concentrates on the theory of dominator coloring in graphs and focuses on resolving the dominator chromatic number of interval graphs. Some categorized interval graphs are selected in this process of study. To facilitate the study and to establish the results, emphasis is given to the analogy between the nature and coherence of the(More)
A graph is a circular arc graph if it is the intersection graph of a finite set of arcs on a circle. A circular-arc overlap graph is a special case of circular arc graph; it is an overlap graph defined for a set of arcs on a circle. That is, there is one arc for each vertex of G and two vertices in G are adjacent in G if and only if the corresponding arcs(More)
In this thesis, we address the problem of obtaining a "near optimal" solution to the uncapacitated network design problem. In the uncapacitated network design problem, each arc of a network has a fixed design cost for construction and a variable routing cost for routing each unit of flow. For each pair i,j of nodes, there is a demand of one unit of flow(More)
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