Viswanathan Baskar

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The synthesis and structure of a novel decanuclear copper(II) cage is reported. The assembly of the cage is facilitated by the cumulative coordinative interaction of tert-butyl phosphonate, 2-pyridylpyrazole and hydroxide ligands with copper(II) ions. Magnetic studies of this decanuclear copper(II) cage indicate complex antiferromagnetic behaviour.
Molecular oxo-hydroxo clusters have been synthesized by reactions of arylstibonic acids with organophosphonic acid and phenylseleninic acid. Single crystal X-ray structural elucidation revealed the formation of [(p-i-PrC6H4Sb)4(OH)4(t-BuPO3)6] (1), [(p-t-BuC6H4Sb)4(O)2(PhPO3)4(PhPO3H)4] (2), [(p-i-PrC6H4Sb)4(O)3(OH)(PhSeO2)2(t-BuPO3)4(t-BuPO3H2)2] (3),(More)
The reaction of RSbO3H2 with t-butylsilanetriol has led to the isolation of organoantimony(v) based molecular triangles stabilized by siloxane frameworks. Depending on the reaction conditions employed or the substituents present on the antimony atom, either a combination of a disiloxane and a tetrasiloxane framework or a trisiloxane framework was generated(More)
The anion exchange reactions of Cl-macrocycle 1a [(p-MeO-C6H4)2Te)2(μ-O)(μ-PhSeO2)(μ4-Cl)]2 with AgNO3, AgClO4 and AgBF4 yielded colourless solids whose single crystal X-ray diffraction studies revealed the formation of 12-membered macrocycles [(p-MeO-C6H4)2Te)2(μ-O)(μ-PhSeO2)(μ-X)]2 [X = NO3 (2), ClO4 (3), BF4 (4)]. ESI-MS studies revealed that macrocycles(More)
The reaction of the lanthanide trichloride hexahydrates [LnCl(3).6H(2)O] (Ln = Yb, Lu) with two equivalents of benzoylferrocenoylmethane resulted in the tetranuclear lanthanide hydroxo clusters [Ln(4)(mu(3)-OH)(4)(FcacacPh)(8)] (Ln = Yb (1), Lu (2); FcacacPh = benzoylferrocenoylmethanide). Compounds 1 and 2 are made up of a distorted tetranuclear lanthanide(More)
Reactions of diphenyltellurium oxide with organostibonic acid and polymeric triphenylantimony oxide have been investigated independently. Single crystal X-ray diffraction studies have revealed the formation of novel and rare mixed valent Sb(v)/(iii) containing polyoxostibonates {(C6H5)3Te}2{Na2(H2O)2(p-Br-C6H4Sb(V))10(Sb(III))4[(C6H5)2Te]4(O)30(OH)4} and(More)
A series of tetranuclear lanthanide (Ln = Tb, Dy, Ho) hydroxo clusters has been synthesized by reaction of LnCl3·6H2O (Ln = Tb (1), Dy (2), Ho (3)) with o-vanilin based schiff base ligand 2-(2,3 dihydroxpropyl imino methyl) 6-methoxy phenol (H3L) in methanol and in the presence of triethylamine as base. The solid state structures of all the products were(More)