Viswanath Srikanth

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Existing neural network models are capable of tracking linear trajectories of moving visual objects. This paper describes an additional neural mechanism, disfacilitation, that enhances the ability of a visual system to track curved trajectories. The added mechanism combines information about an object's trajectory with information about changes in the(More)
This paper presents the study of maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller implemented two phase soft-switched interleaved boost converter and focuses on the effectiveness of putting a solar panel instead of an ordinary dc source. The proposed system raises the overall efficiency by incorporating soft-switching technique in addition to MPPT. The(More)
Micellisation behaviour of mixed surfactants of CTAB and Triton X-100 in the presence of isatin has been studied by surface tension measurements over a wide range of Triton X-100 mole fractions and total surfactant concentrations. The average interaction parameter has been evaluated using Rubingh theory and found to be -0.396 indicating synergistic(More)
Closed loop control strategy is indispensable in power converters to meet the desired load requirements. PI controller is one among the existing control schemes. This scheme has a single loop arrangement with proportional and integral gains in the forward path. A double loop control strategy having proportional gain in the feedback path and integral gain in(More)
This paper attempts a solution to the problem of energy crisis in an indirect way. This project aim to design a circuit which helps consumer taking care regarding his electrical energy consumption and protect him/her from the extra charges incurred due to minor changes in slab categories, even though these changes are small but they affect the consumer’s(More)
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