Viswanath Krishnamurthy

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As multi-core processors are becoming common, vendors are starting to explore trade offs between the die size and the number of cores on a die, leading to heterogeneity among cores on a single chip. For efficient utilization of these processors, application threads must be assigned to cores such that the resource needs of a thread closely matches resource(More)
The complexity of current day embedded systems is steadily on the rise due to innovative content consumption applications. Embedded systems have to be adaptable and scalable to meet the unique resource demands of such applications to deliver satisfactory performance. Effective sharing of system resources by content consumption applications is imperative for(More)
In this paper we present a novel cluster paradigm and silicon operating system. Our approach in developing the competent cluster design revolves around an execution model to aid the execution of multiple independent applications simultaneously on the cluster, leading to cost sharing across applications. The execution model should envisage simultaneous(More)
In part-I, a novel multi-core node architecture was proposed which when employed in a cluster environment would be capable of tackling computational complexity associated with wide class of applications. Furthermore, it was discussed that by appropriately scaling the architectural specifications, Teraops computing power could be achieved at the node level.(More)
Web applications need an error logging framework as they can adequately record and store the errors that are encountered either in the web applications or in the usage of them. In the existing MVC(Model-View-Controller) based frameworks, the log settings such as log location, mechanism and logging level are specified for all the modules in a single file(More)
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