Viswanath Anand Chidambaram

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BACKGROUND Maternal obesity is increasing in prevalence and is associated with an increased risk of perioperative complications. This study evaluates the impact of obesity on perioperative outcomes in parturients undergoing caesarean delivery. METHODS In this prospective observational study of 1477 consecutive caesarean deliveries, data collected included(More)
BACKGROUND Renal transplant recipients with a positive historic cross-match due to donor T cell-directed IgG antibodies are considered to have decreased graft survival, even if their current serum is negative prior to transplantation. With the use of flow cytometric cross-match for testing current sera, false-negative results could be eliminated and the(More)
The perfusion of human donor livers was studied during organ retrieval using laser Doppler flowmetry to assess the microcirculatory alteration caused by fatty infiltration (steatosis). Using a multichannel laser Doppler flowmeter, we measured the hepatic perfusion as flux units in 21 liver donors, eight of which were macroscopically fatty. Perfusion was(More)
Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne restarted their non-heartbeating donor (NHBD) programme in September 1998 using machine perfusion, due to early poor results with conventional cold storage (45% graft survival, phase II). Since then, 15 NHBD kidneys have been transplanted. The retrieval protocol consisted of in situ perfusion with a double balloon(More)
"Enlarged parietal foramina" is a congenital malformation with autosomal dominant inheritance. The condition is usually self-limiting and doesn't require any treatment. However, it may also be associated with encephalocele, vascular anomalies or may be a part of syndrome. We present a case of enlarged parietal foramina in a child and discuss its imaging(More)
Although the use of current immunosuppressive regimens has significantly improved the outcomes of autoimmune renal diseases, infectious complications remain an important clinical concern. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection has been shown to be one of the major causes of mortality in this group of patients. We report two cases of renal vasculitis(More)
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