Vissakodeti Venkata Subbarao

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  • V Subbarao, Wunnava, Yen Dr Kang, Babij Tadeusz, Associate Mr Research, Zavaleta Richard +18 others
  • 2007
Disclaimer: The opinions, findings, and conclusions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the State of Florida Department of Transportation. Across the USA, there has been interest among the State DOTs to investigate alternative technologies to estimate travel time such as the use of cell phones as travel(More)
The hepatic effects of ciprofibrate, a potent peroxisome proliferator, were evaluated in male C57BL/6N mice, a mouse strain with very low incidence of spontaneous liver tumour development. Dietary feeding of ciprofibrate (0.0125% or 0.025% w/w) for 2 weeks resulted in a marked proliferation of peroxisomes (9-fold increase) and several-fold increase (8- to(More)
The combined effect of EGR and cetane improver can effectively reduce the Nitrogen Oxides (NO x) emissions by reducing the combustion temperatures, since NO x formation is a temperature dependent phenomenon in diesel engines. In the present work, experimental investigations were carried out on a single cylinder four stroke naturally aspirated direct(More)
Under a copper-deficient regimen, pan-creatic cells in the adult rat can be found to undergo differentiation into hepatocytes. Pancreatic hepatocytes induced in male and female rats were examined for the expression of the androgen-inducible hepatic protein, o~-globulin. C~2u-Globulin protein was demonstrable by immunoperoxidase method in all the pancreatic(More)
(NBOP), a postulated 3-metabolite of din -propyl-nitrosamine, has been found to be a potent carcinogen in different species of animals (Pour et al., 1977a; Rao & Pour, 1978; Pour et al., 1979). In hamsters, a single or repeated s.c. administration of NBOP (Pour et al., 1977a, 1978) is reported to cause a high incidence of pancreatic ductal tumours. Because(More)
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