Visnja Vojvodic Rosenzweig

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Each of n products is to be processed on two machines in order to satisfy known demands in each of T periods. Only one product can be processed on each machine at any given time. Each switch from one item to another requires sequence dependent setup time. The objective is to minimize the total setup time and the sum of the costs of production, storage and(More)
In Croatia, Croatian Privatization Fund (CPF) takes the control of the privatization of the public enterprises and services in the state portfolio. In order to provide potential investors with a fair and transparent transaction process CPF established tender procedures. The success of a privatization is highly dependent on selection of a good investor which(More)
The paper aims to develop models for evaluating credit risk of small companies for one Croatian bank using two different methodologies – logistic regression and multicriteria decision making. The first method's result is the probability of default while the second method's result is the classification of the firms regarding predefined criteria for credit(More)
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