Vismay Gada

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Small doses of apomorphine (AP, 31.25–125 μg/kg IP) induced dose-dependent catalepsy in rats. However. unlike the stereotyped behavior induced by high doses of AP which has a rapid onset and is short-lasting, the cataleptic effect induced by small doses of AP was evident 30 min after AP injection and was unusually long-lasting. Further, AP (31.25–125 μg/kg)(More)
Ergometrine (2.5–80 mg/kg IP) induced head twitches in mice. Pretreatment with cyproheptadine (1.5 and 3 mg/kg), methysergide (5 and 10 mg/kg) and (−)-propranolol (2.5 and 5 mg/kg) significantly decreased the number of head twitches induced by ergometrine. Pretreatment with p-chlorophenylalanine (100 mg/kg/day×4 days) and clomipramine (5 and 10 mg/kg)(More)
24 h pretreatment with molindone enhanced the behavioural effects of L-dopa and 5-HTP, precursors of biogenic amines (catecholamines and 5-HT respectively) preferentially deaminated by MAO-A, confirming that a metabolite of molindone inhibits MAO-A. 24 h pretreatment with molindone enhanced the behavioural effects of tryptamine and antagonized(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the variability in the volume of the mesorectum in patients with rectal carcinoma. A retrospective review was made of pelvic MRI studies in 30 patients (mean age 64 years, range 34-88 years, 18M:12F) with histologically proven rectal carcinomas that were confined to the mesorectum. The outer low signal margin of the(More)
The Infants' Dermatitis Quality of Life Index (IDQoL) is a questionnaire completed by parents to assess the impact of atopic dermatitis on the quality of life of infants aged 0-3 years. The aim was to review all clinical and psychometric data on the use of the IDQoL from its inception in 2001 until November 2012, to serve as a single reference source. A(More)
Abstract: Information quality assessment is the process of inspecting business information to ensure that it meets the needs of the knowledge workers who depend on it. We suggest in this paper that, prior to implementing a system to assess quality, those responsible for information quality can use a subset of clean data to create a statistical model of a(More)
To assess the radiation dose received by the radiologist when performing wire localisation for axillary radio-isotope sentinel node imaging-guided biopsy in patients with impalpable breast cancers treated with breast-preserving excision. When wire placement follows radio-isotope sentinel node imaging (RSNI) the radiologist is exposed to a radiation risk(More)
Pretreatment with alpha-methyl-p-tyrosine, a tyrosine hydroxylase inhibitor, was found to increase the intensity of catalepsy induced by haloperidol, chlorpromazine and molindone. The drug probably decreases the synthesis of dopamine and makes less dopamine available for release and to compete with the neuroleptic for the postsynaptic striatal dopamine(More)