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Surgical treatment for internal disc disruption remains controversial in terms of efficacy of spinal fusion and optimal fusion method. The present study was carried out in 56 consecutive patients, with the diagnosis confirmed by computed tomographic (CT) discography, who were operated with one of four different lumbar fusion procedures. Outcomes were(More)
STUDY DESIGN An experimental study was performed using cadaveric lumbar spines to evaluate the effect of anteriorly or laterally placed interbody distraction implants on the alteration of spinal canal and neuroforaminal dimensions. OBJECTIVES To quantify changes in the spinal canal and neuroforaminal dimensions using interbody fusion devices inserted at(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess agreement in detection of lumbar disc herniation (LDH) between limited and full protocol MRI. MATERIAL AND METHOD 123 patients who requested lumbar MRI for diagnosis of disc herniation were assessed The full protocol MRI composed of sagittal T1-wi, sagittal T2-wi and axial T2-wi was performed on each patient. The sagittal T2-wi was(More)
BACKGROUND Aside from antituberculous drugs, anterior radical debridement with fusion has been recommended to eradicate the infectious foci and promote early bone healing in spinal tubercular patients. The addition of spinal instrumentation to stabilize the spine and restore physiologic alignment has also been proposed. OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken(More)
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