Vishwas Lakkundi

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The emergence of Internet of Things and the availability of inexpensive sensor devices and platforms capable of wireless communications enable a wide range of applications such as intelligent home and building automation, mobile healthcare, smart logistics, distributed monitoring, smart grids, energy management, asset tracking to name a few. These devices(More)
This paper considers compressed sensing (CS) techniques for signal reconstruction and channel estimation in OFDM-based high-rate ultra wideband (UWB) communication systems. We employ a parallel CS structure that exploits frequency domain sparsity. We also consider multipath UWB channels in both the line-of-sight and non line-of-sight environments. UWB(More)
In this paper we discuss security procedures for constrained IoT devices. We start with the description of a general security architecture along with its basic procedures, then discuss how its elements interact with the constrained communication stack and explore pros and cons of popular security approaches at various layers of the ISO/OSI model. We also(More)
In this paper, we present the implementation and performance evaluation of security functionalities at the link layer of IEEE 802.15.4-compliant IoT devices. Specifically, we implement the required encryption and authentication mechanisms entirely in software and as well exploit the hardware ciphers that are made available by our IoT platform. Moreover, we(More)
Wireless sensor networks enable scalable, self organizing, self-healing networks that can manage various data traffic patterns. They are fast gaining prominence in a multitude of applications including industrial communications and automation. This paper presents the research and development activities carried out within the virtual automation networks(More)
  • V. Lakkundi
  • 2007 IFIP International Conference on Wireless…
  • 2007
This paper attempts to bring out the emerging European trends, developments, and perspectives on the role of wireless technologies in industrial environments as being currently considered within the virtual automation networks research and development project The major emphasis is on the investigation, identification, specification, design, and(More)
Security is emerging as a key area of focus in the Internet of Things. Lightweight implementations of the required security features are the need of the hour considering the resource constrained nature of the underlying nodes and networks. At the same time, it is essential to ensure that such implementations are robust, reliable and efficient. This paper(More)