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Divvying up an incubator: How parasitic and mutualistic fig wasps use space within their nursery microcosm
Differential occupancy of space can lead to species coexistence. The fig–fig wasp pollination system hosts species-specific pollinating and parasitic wasps that develop within galls in a nurseryExpand
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Brain composition and scaling in social bee species differing in body size
We compare four honeybee and one bumblebee species with similar behaviors and ecological requirements but large differences in body size. The bees show allometric brain-body size relationships andExpand
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Nocturnal Bees Feed on Diurnal Leftovers and Pay the Price of Day – Night Lifestyle Transition
Bees exemplify flights under bright sunlight. A few species across bee families have evolved nocturnality, displaying remarkable adaptations to overcome limitations of their daylight-suitedExpand