Vishwanath Golash

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BACKGROUND The Hartmann procedure is a standard life-saving operation for acute left colonic complications. It is usually performed as a temporary procedure with the intent to reverse it later on. This reversal is associated with considerable morbidity and mortality by open method. The laparoscopic reestablishment of intestinal continuity after Hartmann(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE OF STUDY For laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernia, total extraperitoneal approach is the procedure of choice. The insertion of a mesh in laparoscopic total extraperitoneal repair (TEP) of an inguinal hernia with proper orientation and spreading it without wrinkles and folds in the preperitoneal space, however, is difficult to learn(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrence after ventral hernia repair is a common problem worldwide. Laparoscopic mesh repair has been associated with fewer recurrences and also minimal morbidity. The technique of the laparoscopic repair is based on the principle described by Stoppa, however the hernial sac is not dissected and is left behind. This minimizes difficult(More)
BACKGROUND An ovary can, occasionally, be found in an inguinal hernia in the newborn female. This is extremely rare in premenopausal women. We report a case of an ovulating ovary in an incarcerated inguinal hernia. There is only one similar case of incarcerated ovulating ovary reported in the literature. METHOD AND FINDINGS A 23-year-old Turkish woman,(More)
Situs inversus is often detected incidentally in adults during imaging for a acute surgical emergency. We present a case of acute appendicitis in an adult who was previously unaware about his situs anomaly. A laparoscopic approach is helpful to deal with this condition. A 40 year old man was admitted with history of acute left lower abdominal pain, with(More)
Although rare, the clips are known to slip, dislodge, ulcerate, migrate, internalize, embolize, and give rise to necrosis of the cystic duct with resultant bile leak and other complications. Ligation of cystic duct has been practiced since long time with several modifications of intracorporeal and extracorporeal techniques. We have used a standard 'C'(More)
OBJECTIVES The laparoscopic appendicectomy can be performed using one to several ports. We present our experience of two port laparoscopic assisted open appendicectomy. The objective was to assess the results retrospectively in terms of complications and its limitations. METHODS Between years 1998-2007, a two port laparoscopic assisted appendectomy was(More)