Vishwanath B. Awati

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Third order nonlinear ordinary differential equation, subject to appropriate boundary conditions, arising in fluid mechanics is solved exactly using more suggestive schemes-Dirichlet series and method of stretching variables. These methods have advantages over pure numerical methods in obtaining derived quantities accurately for various values of the(More)
The effect of boundary roughness on Rayleigh-Taylor instability (RTI) of a couple–stress fluid layer bounded above a clear fluid and below by a rigid surface with roughness boundary is studied using linear stability analysis. Because of the growing importance of non-Newtonian fluids (Couple-stress fluid) in modern technology and industries as well as(More)
A simplified mathematical model has been developed for understanding the combined effects of surface roughness and couple stresses on lubrication aspects of synovial joints. The modified Reynolds equation which incorporates the elastic as well as randomized surface roughness structure of cartilage with couple-stress fluid as lubricant is derived. The mean(More)
The paper presents the semi-numerical solution for the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow due to nonlinear porous shrinking sheet caused by boundary layer of an incompressible viscous flow. The governing partial differential equations of momentum equations are reduced into ordinary differential equation by using a classical similarity transformation along with(More)
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