Vishvjit K. Thakar

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The illumination variation is one of the challenging problems in Face Recognition under complex lighting conditions. Research community has evaluated performance of illumination normalization methods to some extent, yet there is a need to analyze them in depth using performance parameters like False Acceptance Rate, False Rejection Rate, Recognition Rate,(More)
This paper addresses end point detection algorithm, which is most important and critical part of speech recognition system. Different approaches for endpoint detections are explained and compared to Gujarati words. Speech end point detection is required to find speech segment edge points in the presence of the background noise. It isolates words from the(More)
The field of face recognition is increasingly investigated for access control, face based search, passport processing, security, surveillance, etc. applications. Performance of face recognition systems under constrained environment is quite satisfactory, but face recognition in unconstrained environment is yet a challenging problem due to key technical(More)
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