Vishnu Vardhan Bulusu

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Dimensionality reduction is the process of deriving an approximate representation of a dataset, that can reflect most of the correlations underlying within the dataset. In the context of text processing, dimensionality reduction is used for transforming any text to a precise representation that efficiently identifies the main insights of the original text.(More)
Information processing and knowledge extraction are the two key factors for mining technique. Many models were proposed and implemented successfully on the available information over internet. Automatic Categorization is a machine learning approach which is important for the information processing. In this paper an attempt is made to propose a multilevel(More)
Summary of a document contains words that actually contribute to the semantics of the document. Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) is a mathematical model that is used to understand document semantics by deriving a semantic structure based on patterns of word correlations in the document. When using LSA to capture semantics from summaries, it is observed that(More)
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