Vishnu Unnikrishnan

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Macrobrachium abrahami, new species is described from Vamanapuram River, Kerala, South India. DNA bar-coding using Cytochrome B gene sequences has elucidated the taxonomic status of the new species and the ML tree reveals that M. abrahami sp. nov., is phylogenetically close to M. prabhakarani, but morphologically more similar to M. scabriculum. However, the(More)
Macrobrachium snpurii sp. nov., collected from the Karamana River, in the lower reaches of Western Ghats, is described and illustrated. DNA barcoding using Cytochrome B gene sequences has elucidated the taxonomic status of the new species and the NJ tree reveals that M. snpurii sp. nov., is phylogenetically close to M. idella idella. However, morphometric(More)
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The paper investigates the use of the existing CAD framework for digital circuit synthesis to design and synthesize a select set of mixed-signal functions like analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversions. This approach leads to fast and low cost design of technology portable system-on-chip solutions with analog interfaces. Some circuit examples for(More)
Macrobrachium indianum new species is described from the Pambar River, Kerala, S. India. The species shares certain characters with M. gurudeve Jayachandran & Raji, 2004, M. bombayense Almelker & Sankolli, 2006 and M. kulkarnii Almelker & Sankolli, 2006, while it differs remarkably from these three species in distinctive diagnostic characters: rostral(More)
VCO-based ADC is an attractive candidate for the synthesis of all-digital ADCs using standard cells. However, the non-linearity of a synthesizable VCO requires digital postprocessing to obtain good performance. We propose another solution where the input analog signal is pre-coded into a delta-modulated pulse stream which is used to drive a VCO-based(More)
Macrobrachium aemulum madhusoodani, a new subspecies of M. aemulum (Nobili, 1906) is described and illustrated. The distinctive characters of the subspecies are: rostral formula 9-13/2, second pereiopods dissimilar in shape and unequal in size, movable finger of larger second pereiopod with 2 large denticles on the proximal part and 6 weak denticles on(More)