Vishnu Ravi Kumar

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The neuroprotective effect of an ethyl acetate extract of Morinda citrifolia (Rubiaceae) Linn. fruits (EMC, ethyl acetate extract of Morinda citrifolia) at doses of 200 and 400 mg/kg, p.o. was studied on beta-amyloid (25-35) peptide induced cognitive dysfunction in mice. In the step-down inhibitory avoidance, EMC exhibited a significant increase in(More)
The aim of any invasive procedure is the complete eradication and elimination of the infection and associated necrotic tissue followed by repair and regeneration of the affected tissue. In order to achieve this goal various biological products have been introduced, among which are present the platelet concentrates. Platelet concentrates with their higher(More)
Duplications of bowel are well-known gastrointestinal tract anomalies. However, sequestrated duplications are very uncommon. Two sequestrated tubular duplications of the small bowel, separate from the ileum with autonomous blood supply and classic histologic features of small bowel are presented. Two sequestrated duplications in the same child are quite(More)
Congenital torticollis is most commonly caused by sternomastoid contracture. Aplasia of sternomastoid muscle causing congenital torticollis, though rare, has been reported. However the association of cerebellar hypoplasia with sternomastoid aplasia is extremely rare. The authors describe a case of congenital torticollis due to absence of the left(More)
Communicating bronchopulmonary foregut malformations are rare anomalies. The complex anatomy requires innovative surgical techniques. We report a child with bilateral sequestrations communicating with the lower esophagus. The sequestrations were excised through a single thoracotomy incision and the esophagus was repaired. Postoperatively the child has(More)
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