Vishnu Dutt Sharma

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Treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis has become one of the major problems in public health. Understanding the molecular mechanisms of drug resistance has been central to tuberculosis research in recent times. DNA microarray technology provides the platform to study the genomic variations related to these mechanisms on a comprehensive level. To(More)
This study has been carried out to get understanding of the origin among the strains of Mycobacterium leprae in patients from Northern India by using number of tandem repeats in rpoT gene as marker. Biopsies were collected from hundred leprosy cases (paucibacillary (PB) as well as multibacillary (MB)) across the spectrum from patients attending clinic at(More)
This study reports the follow-up results of 36 highly bacillated untreated BL/LL cases who were serially allocated to three treatment groups. Group I patients received a modified WHO regimen (Rifampicin 600 mg once a month supervised, 50 mg of Clofazimine and 100 mg of Dapsone daily unsupervised) and BCG 0.1 mg per dose 6 monthly; group II patients received(More)
The present study tests the utility of the in situ hybridization procedure for M. leprae rRNA in the histological diagnosis of early leprosy and clinically suspect leprosy, both diagnostically demanding situations. The histological confirmation obtained with routine histopathology (Haematoxylin-Eosin staining for studying morphologic alterations and(More)
This study was carried out to characterize Mycobacterium tuberculosis population in Ghatampur, Kanpur, North India, by spoligotyping and Mycobacterial Interspersed Repetitive Units-Variable Number of Tandem Repeats (MIRU-VNTRs) typing. A total of 335 isolates were genotyped by spoligotyping and Central Asian (CAS) sub-lineage was the most prevalent,(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Slums are considered as hotspots of tuberculosis (TB). The study of genetic diversity and drug susceptibility profile of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) will help understand the transmission dynamics and can be used for better prevention and control of the disease. The aim of this study was to determine the drug susceptibility(More)
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