Vishnia Knezevic

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The biodegradation of hydrocarbon pollutants in open systems is limited by the availability of a utilizable nitrogen source. This limitation can be overcome by using uric acid. Enrichment cultures grown on crude oil-uric acid media yielded mixed and pure cultures that degraded petroleum. In a simulated open system, uric acid bound to crude oil and was(More)
We developed a simple, versatile system for applying a range of biaxial loads to cell-matrix constructs for the study of mechanobiology. The system consists of porous polyethylene bars that are polymerized into a square fibroblast-populated gel and loaded by freely hanging weights attached to sutures routed through a custom loading rig. The cost to(More)
Fish is a substantial source of animal protein in human nutrition, but high water activity (aw) value and moisture content of fish tissue are favourable to the growth of microorganisms. To extend its shelf life, fish needs to be processed. Dehydration of foods by osmosis involves the contact of the material with a concentrated aqueous solution. The aim of(More)
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