Vishmayaa Saravanan

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Mycobacteriophages Cambiare, FlagStaff, and MOOREtheMARYer are newly isolated phages of Mycobacterium smegmatis mc(2) 155 recovered from soil samples in Pittsburgh, PA. All three genomes are closely related to cluster G mycobacteriophages but differ sufficiently in nucleotide sequence and gene content to warrant division of cluster G into several(More)
B-Melter is a process which is very difficult to control by classical means. The output (cane juice) from the crusher is send to the pan house having sections namely A, B and C pans. The high quality sugar are get from only A-pan house and the juice from the B-Pan house normally called as B seeds (sugar), consists of B seeds and B-heavy molasses, here the(More)
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