Vishisht Gupta

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A novel method for estimating vehicle roll, pitch and yaw using machine vision and inertial sensors is presented that is based on matching images captured from an on-vehicle camera to a rendered representation of the surrounding terrain obtained from a 3 dimensional (3D) terrain map. United States Geographical Survey Digital Elevation Maps (DEMs) were used(More)
We investigate both the objective and the subjective defect content estimation techniques (DCETs) for controlling software inspections. We performed extensive Monte Carlo simulations for the evaluation of these techniques under realistic software conditions. Capture-recapture (CR) models, the most popular objective DCETs, used in biology to estimate the(More)
The paper proposes a Genetic Algorithm solution for solving a short term hydro thermal scheduling problem. The scheduling has been done for a period of twenty four hours. The algorithm is first applied on hydro plants for calculating hydro generation and then on thermal units for calculating economic load dispatch among the given units. The various(More)
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