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Bluetooth is a promising wireless technology enabling (portable) devices to form short-range star-shaped wireless networks (or wireless personal area networks-PAN). Bluetooth relies on a frequency hopping physical layer, implying that hosts are not able to communicate unless they have previously discovered each by synchronizing their frequency hopping(More)
Nonlinear analysis techniques are necessary to understand the complexity of the EMG. The purpose of the present study was to determine the fractal dimension of surface EMG obtained from the biceps brachii of normal subjects during isokinetic flexion-extension of the arm. The measurements were obtained with different loading conditions on the arm and for(More)
Within the sphere of dysphagia management, there is a growing need for the development of noninvasive methods of quantification of swallowing disorders. The purpose of the present investigation was to determine if surface electromyogram (EMG) at the throat could be measured during swallowing. Surface EMG was measured from 35 normal human subjects during dry(More)
Growing importance of telesurgery has led to the need for the development of synergistic control of anthropomorphic teleoperators. Synergistic systems can be developed using direct biological control. The purpose of this study was to develop techniques for direct biocontrol of anthropomorphic teleoperators using surface electromyogram (EMG). A computer(More)
Bio-control of telemanipulators is being researched as an alternate control strategy. This study investigates the use of surface EMG from the biceps to predict joint angle during flexion of the arm that can be used to control an anthropomorphic telemanipulator. An intelligent system based on neural networks and fuzzy logic has been developed to use the(More)
Dysphagia, a swallowing disorder, is a problem encountered frequently in the rehabilitation of stroke and head injury patients. In normal individuals, safe passage of a food bolus into the esophagus is ensured by laryngeal elevation and closure of the airway. Inadequate laryngeal elevation can lead to aspiration, choking, and even death. The course of(More)
INTRODUCTION Difficulty or inability in swallowing tablets/capsules during or after chemotherapy is common due to chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting in patients. Buccoadhesive films of ondansetron hydrochloride were prepared for the prevention and treatment of chemotherapy-induced emesis. Films of varying polymeric composition were prepared in order(More)
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