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a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: BIM BIM-server Multidisciplinary collaboration Operational technical requirements Support technical requirements Most complex projects in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries involve multidisciplinary collaboration and the exchange of large building data set. Traditionally, the collaboration(More)
Characteristics based discrete choice models of demand have been used extensively in both economics and marketing. The basic endeavor in these models is to view products as bundles of characteristics, with consumer preferences defined over this characteristics space. In the context of brand choice in packaged goods categories, Fader and Hardie (1996) show(More)
This paper studies how learning through opinion leaders and social networks influences demand for non-traditional cookstoves – a technology with important health and environmental consequences in low-income countries. Specifically, we conduct field experiments in rural Bangladesh to assess how (1) learning the stove adoption choices of locally-identified "(More)
This paper outlines the methods and applications related to the nascent area of empirical discrete games in marketing. Many key strategic decisions firms make involve discrete choices such as deciding the location Market Lett of a new store, determining where in product space to position a product, or what options to offer in a service contract. These(More)
and Vishal Singh are faculty members at the same University. All comments and suggestions can be directed to the second author via email at bsun@andrew.cmu.edu. Abstract Unlike frequent price promotions, a publicly announced permanent price cut is more likely to cause consumers to strategically shift their decision rules to adapt to the new pricing regime.(More)
Effect of long term cholesterol diet withdrawal on accelerated atherosclerosis in iliac artery of New Zealand White (NZW) rabbits has not been explored so far. Atherosclerosis was thus induced in rabbits by a combination of balloon injury and atherogenic diet (AD) (1% cholesterol and 6% peanut oil) feeding for 8 weeks (baseline) followed by chow diet (CD)(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Lipocalin 2 (Lcn2) is a multifunctional innate immune protein whose expression closely correlates with extent of intestinal inflammation. However, whether Lcn2 plays a role in the pathogenesis of gut inflammation is unknown. Herein, we investigated the extent to which Lcn2 regulates inflammation and gut bacterial dysbiosis in mouse models(More)
This paper reports on a computational model developed to study the effects of various modes of social learning on task coordination in teams through the mapping of distributed team competence, a significant aspect of efficient teamwork. The computational model emphasizes and operationalizes distinct modes of social learning, differentiated in terms of(More)