Vishal Shukla

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Due to inherent advantages of high speed transmission, immunity towards multipath and low cost, ultra wide band (UWB) has become the key technology for the next generation of wireless communication systems. This paper addresses the performance of Interleave Design Multiple Access scheme (IDMA), in absence of any narrow band interference. Simulations are(More)
Modality is one of the important components of grammar in linguistics. It lets speaker to express attitude towards, or give assessment or potentiality of state of affairs. It implies different senses and thus has different perceptions as per the context. This paper presents an account showing the gap in the functionality of the current state of art Natural(More)
Different people have different likings and therefore they prefer different lighting patterns. Most of the people prefer the Soft lighting pattern as it relaxes the mind and gives a soothing effect. Lighting pattern has a very significant impact on the minds of the people. If it matches with the attitude of the customer, then he feels very comfortable in(More)
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