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Tetraspanins (or TM4SF) are expressed in a wide variety of species and regulate cell adhesion, migration, proliferation and differentiation. We have identified and sequenced six new members of the tetraspanin family, called Tspan-1-6, from human cDNA. Amino acid sequence analysis of the Tspans highlights conserved residues which may be critical to(More)
Parotid duct fistula is uncommon but difficult-to-treat complication that often results from a penetrating trauma. While there is general consensus in the literature as to the management of acute parotid injuries, treatment of chronic fistulas remains controversial. We review the current treatment options for parotid duct fistulas and describe an intraoral(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Tracheoesophegeal puncture is a reliable and effective method for voice restoration after total laryngectomy. Tracheoesophegeal puncture may be performed primarily at the time of laryngectomy or as a secondary procedure. This paper reviews the current literature on secondary in-office tracheoesophegeal puncture techniques with an emphasis(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Gunshot wounds to the head and neck result in significant bone and soft tissue loss. These defects pose a challenge to the facial reconstructive surgeon. This paper reviews the current literature on the management of ballistic injuries to the head and neck and outlines a treatment algorithm. RECENT FINDINGS With recent advances in free(More)
OBJECTIVE Tracheoesophageal puncture is recognised as an effective and reliable method for voice restoration following total laryngectomy. Several techniques have been described, ranging from rigid oesophagoscopy under general anaesthesia to more recent endoscopic techniques utilising intravenous sedation or local anaesthetic. We describe our technique for(More)
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