Vishal Mittal

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Detection of routing-based attacks is difficult because malicious routing behavior can be identified only in specific network locations. In addition, the configuration of the signatures used by intrusion detection sensors is a time-consuming and error-prone task because it has to take into account both the network topology and the characteristics of the(More)
The parasitic lepidopteran insect, Fulgoraecia melanoleuca (Fletcher) has been reported as an ectoparasitoid of Pyrilla perpusilla (Walker) from the Indian subcontinent. For the first time, the complete morphology, field biology, egg laying behavior, larval pupal, and adult morphology, including male and female gentialic features, are described and(More)
A preliminary study has been undertaken at CSR&TI Pampore from February-April, 2015 to observe the diversity of Panonychus ulmi overwintering stage(s) on different maintained varieties of mulberry (Goshoerami, KNG, Tr-10, Ichinose and Chinese White). Panonychus ulmi enters into diapause in the wintering months to overcome the unfavorable conditions. The(More)
News aggregation websites collect news from various online sources using crawling techniques and provide a unified view to millions of users. Since, news sources update information frequently; aggregators have to recrawl them from time to time in order to have durable archiving of the news content. The majority of recrawling techniques assume the(More)
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