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Cloud computing has transmuted the IT industry on the whole and made easy to access the resources from anywhere and at anytime. These resources can be accessed as a service rather than as a product. Clients pay for the service used as per their requirement. The huge demand of cloud computing has given rise to the creation of hefty amount of data centers.(More)
Chronic lower extremity wound is a complicated disease condition of localized injury to skin and its tissues which have plagued many elders worldwide. The ulcer assessment and management is expensive and is burden on health establishment. Currently accurate wound evaluation remains a tedious task as it rely on visual inspection. This paper propose a new(More)
The Cloud computing is an embryonic as an innovative hypothesis of gigantic distributed calculation. Load balancing, the main trial in cloud computing, requires to allocate the vibrant workload uniformly across all of the machines. Burden balancing leads to a high user satisfaction and resource utilization ratio by confirming a proficient and fair(More)
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