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This study describes various biochemical processes involved in the mitigation of cadmium toxicity in green alga Ulva lactuca. The plants when exposed to 0.4 mM CdCl2 for 4 days showed twofold increase in lipoperoxides and H2O2 content that collectively decreased the growth and photosynthetic pigments by almost 30% over the control. The activities of(More)
A 0.6µm CMOS 1.8V 5mA Miller-compensated SoC LDO regulator that uses only 60pF of capacitance to achieve a worst case power supply rejection (PSR) of-27dB over 50MHz is proposed. The entire regulator is shielded from fluctuations in the supply using an NMOS cascode which is biased using a charge pump, voltage reference, and RC filter to maintain low(More)
The Black-Litterman (BL) model is a widely used asset allocation model in the financial industry. In this paper, we provide a new perspective. The key insight is to replace the statistical framework in the original approach with ideas from inverse optimization. This insight allows us to significantly expand the scope and applicability of the BL model. We(More)
Process tolerance and device mismatch produce significant random variations in bandgap voltage reference circuits. These variations lead to errors in the reference voltage and significantly impact manufacturing cost by increasing trimming requirements and decreasing yield. Current-mirror mismatch, followed by V BE spread, package shift, and resistor(More)
Twenty-two tropical seaweeds from the Rhodophyta, Phaeophyta and Chlorophyta were examined for their possible use as nutritional supplements. All seaweeds contained balanced Na/K and C/N ratio and high amounts of macroelements (Na, K, Ca, and Mg) as compared to the terrestrial vegetables. Among the microelements, Fe was the highest followed by Zn, Mn, Cu(More)
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PURPOSE To evaluate interobserver variability for contouring the brachial plexus as an organ-at-risk (OAR) and to analyze its potential dosimetric consequences in patients treated with intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) for head-and-neck cancer. METHODS AND MATERIALS Using the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG)-endorsed brachial plexus(More)