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Intrusion Detection System (IDS) plays an effective role to achieve higher security in detecting malicious activities, for a couple of years. To cope up with the requirements of continuous, heavy, incoming network traffic analysis, the classification model should be very fast. Naive Bayes is one of the classification models that predicts very fast due to(More)
Attempts to apply conventional rule-based expert systems to legal problem-solving raise seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The authors analyse the key challenges of developing a legal expert system by reference to a case study of issues arising in their prototype system, the JAES project. This paper explores the advantages of exploiting three alternative(More)
– This paper presents the work undertaken so far in the formulation of a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for research in Systems of Systems Engineering in the EU. The T-AREA-SoS project is introduced to provide a context, together with a section on Drivers for Change which the SRA needs to take into account. The strategy and process for the generation of(More)
A blackboard-based design for a system component called the "Broadcaster" is described in this paper. It supports remote monitoring of reconfigurable manufacturing systems using a novel system architecture coupled with the Component-Based system paradigm. The design of this component has been evaluated using a case study on a web services-enabled test rig(More)
Globalisation of manufacturing activities tend to geographically distribute manufacturing entities, resulting into each entity adopting its own mechanism, for aggregating and analysing real-time shop floor machines' information. The enterprise systems normally employ sophisticated and computationally expensive techniques to access this data, even if they(More)