Vishal Aslot

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We present a new benchmark suite for parallel computers. SPEComp targets mid-size parallel servers. It includes a number of science/engineering and data processing applications. Parallelism is expressed in the OpenMP API. The suite includes two data sets, Medium and Large, of approximately 1.6 and 4 GB in size. Our overview also describes the organization(More)
Parallel computing is becoming mainstream with the advent of general purpose cost effective Shared-memory Multiprocessor (SMP) systems. At the same time, new developments in parallel programming environments allow more rapid and efficient programming of these systems. To this end, OpenMP has emerged as a flexible and fairly comprehensive set of compiler(More)
The state of modern computer systems has evolved to allow easy access to multiprocessor systems by supporting multiple processors on a single physical package. As the multiprocessor hardware evolves, new ways of programming it are also developed. Some inventions may merely be adopting and standardizing the older paradigms. One such evolving standard for(More)
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