Vishaal Kapoor

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This article was stimulated by the recent SIAM “100 Digit Challenge” of Nick Trefethen, beautifully described in [12]. Indeed, these ten numeric challenge problems are also listed in [14], where they are followed by the ten symbolic/numeric challenge problems that are discussed in this article. Our intent was to present ten problems that are characteristic(More)
Taste masked microspheres of ornidazole were prepared using amino alkyl methacrylate copolymers (Eudragit E-100) by solvent evaporation technique. Taste assessment of these microspheres was done by both spectrophotometric taste evaluation technique and panel testing. Compressed tablets of taste masked ornidazole microspheres which rapidly disintegrated in(More)
In his paper on chaos and cryptography, Baptista says ”It is possible to encrypt a message (a text composed by some alphabet) using the ergodic property of the simple low-dimensional and chaotic logistic equation. The basic idea is to encrypt each character of the message as the integer number of iterations performed in the logistic equation, in order to(More)
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