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Clustering approach is widely used in biomedical applications particularly for brain tumor detection in abnormal magnetic resonance (MRI) images. Fuzzy clustering using fuzzy C-means (FCM) algorithm proved to be superior over the other clustering approaches in terms of segmentation efficiency. But the major drawback of the FCM algorithm is the huge(More)
Now a day's many people are connected to the internet with large amount of confidential information such as mails, transactions, being transmitted every day. Privacy and the confidentiality of this information can be achieved by encryption algorithms. The consequence is the significant improvement of cryptanalysis techniques. Phelix is one of the high-speed(More)
Adaptive filters are, by design, time-variant and nonlinear systems that adapt to variations in signal statistics and that learn from their interactions with the environment. The success of their learning mechanism can be measured in terms of how fast they adapt to changes in the signal characteristics and how well they can learn given sufficient time. The(More)
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