Virpi Töhönen

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The mitochondrial aspartate-glutamate carrier isoform 1 (AGC1), specific to neurons and muscle, supplies aspartate to the cytosol and, as a component of the malate-aspartate shuttle, enables mitochondrial oxidation of cytosolic NADH, thought to be important in providing energy for neurons in the central nervous system. We describe AGC1 deficiency, a novel(More)
INTRODUCTION Hypospadias is a common inborn error of the genital development, whose complex etiology remains elusive. Defects of the androgen metabolism and activity have been found in a subset of boys with hypospadias. Moreover, the balance between androgens and estrogens seems to be important to the proper male genital development. Activating(More)
The phenomenon of parental imprinting involves the preferential expression of one parental allele of a subset of chromosomal genes and has so far only been documented in the mouse. We show here, by exploiting sequence polymorphisms in exon nine of the human insulin-like growth factor 2 (IGF2) gene, that only the paternally-inherited allele is active in(More)
Transcriptional program that drives human preimplantation development is largely unknown. Here, by using single-cell RNA sequencing of 348 oocytes, zygotes and single blastomeres from 2- to 3-day-old embryos, we provide a detailed analysis of the human preimplantation transcriptome. By quantifying transcript far 5'-ends (TFEs), we include in our analysis(More)
To isolate genes involved in morphogenic aspects of testis development, and which may act in cell signaling pathways downstream of the testis-determining gene Sry, we have developed a modified mRNA differential display method named signal peptide differential display. It was used to target those genes that encode proteins having a signal peptide sequence.(More)
The mRNA differential display technique has become a popular method for isolating novel genes in a variety of biological systems including carcinogenesis, hormone regulation, plant biology and neurobiology. We have further developed the method by optimizing different steps for the use of small amounts of material, such that differential display can be used(More)
BACKGROUND Hypospadias is a common inborn error of the male urethral development, for which the aetiology is still elusive. Polymorphic variants in genes involved in the masculinisation of male genitalia, such as the androgen receptor, have been associated with some cases of hypospadias. Co-regulators of the androgen receptor start being acknowledged as(More)
MOTIVATION Recent transcriptome studies have revealed that total transcript numbers vary by cell type and condition; therefore, the statistical assumptions for single-cell transcriptome studies must be revisited. SAMstrt is an extension code for SAMseq, which is a statistical method for differential expression, to enable spike-in normalization and(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the role of a synthetic insulin-like growth factor-I receptor (IGF-IR) antagonist, picropodophyllin, for mouse preimplantation embryo development in vivo and in vitro. DESIGN In vitro and in vivo study. SETTING Hospital-based research unit. ANIMALS FVB/N mice and mouse embryos. INTERVENTION(S) The effect of picropodophyllin in(More)