Virpi Hantikainen

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BACKGROUND Modern methods in intensive care medicine often enable the survival of older critically ill patients. The short-term outcomes for patients treated in intensive care units (ICUs), such as survival to hospital discharge, are well documented. However, relatively little is known about subsequent long-term outcomes. Pain, anxiety and agitation are(More)
BACKGROUND Transfer techniques and lifting weights often cause back pain and disorders for nurses in geriatric care. The Kinaesthetics care conception claims to be an alternative, yielding benefits for nurses as well as for clients.Starting a multi-step research program on the effects of Kinaesthetics, we assess the feasibility of a two-stage nursing staff(More)
People with Parkinson's disease suffer from various symptoms. Changed movement patterns frequently represent the prevailing symptom experience and influence the everyday life of the affected persons and their relatives. This qualitative study explores how persons with Parkinson's disease and their relatives experience the changed movement patterns and how(More)
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