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PURPOSE Anterolateral fibrous impingement of the ankle is one of the causes of post-traumatic pain in the foot. We investigated the comparative accuracy of US and MRI in this condition. MATERIAL AND METHODS Fourteen patients were submitted to arthroscopy, plain radiography, US and MRI of the foot. The patients, all sportsmen, had a clinical history of(More)
Thirty-two patients with post-traumatic myelopathy were examined with a 0.5 T MRI system within 4 days of injury and the MRI findings analysed with respect to the immediate and residual functional deficit and (in 20 patients) the MRI appearances of the spinal cord in the chronic phase. In the acute phase a normal spinal cord was associated with only slight(More)
Our aim was to verify the feasibility of volume rendering (VR) of high-resolution magnetic resonance (HR-MR) data sets of the labyrinth. We retrospectively reviewed the HR-MR data sets of 16 consecutive patients with no MR evidence of labyrinthine pathology. High-resolution MR data sets were obtained by means of a 3D T2-weighted FSE sequence with the use of(More)
OBJECTIVES To test the effectiveness of a combined approach to an early diagnosis of neuro-osteoarthropathy (NOA) of the diabetic foot, we studied a group of outpatients with active NOA, presenting for the first time to our Diabetic Foot Clinic in 1998, by means of an integrated approach designed to assess bone turnover. PATIENTS AND METHODS Fifteen(More)
In the first part of this article, we explore the background of computer-assisted learning from its beginnings in the early XIX th century and the first teaching machines, founded on theories of learning, at the start of the XX th century. With the arrival of the computer, it became possible to offer language learners different types of language activities(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to analyze the potential usefulness of MR signal intensity in differentiating malignant from benign pleural disease. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Forty-five patients with pleural lesions identified on CT scans were subsequently examined by MR imaging at 0.5 T. T1-weighted, proton density-weighted, T2-weighted, and enhanced(More)
—In a lifelong learning context, learners have to perform a lot of writing-based activities, like document analysis, that are seldom assessed by teachers or tutors because this assessment is time-consuming. We introduce a service, Pensum, integrated in a PLE that helps students to understand a course content through writing a synthesis, as well as teachers(More)
—One of the main principles underlying the design of human–system interactions within ITSs or ILEs is that the closer the " artificial " principles are to those involved by human teachers, the more efficient the learning will be. However, the very notion of " human-likeliness " is neither very new nor very precise. We suggest here that these human-like(More)