Virginie Ollier

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Male pattern hair loss is a major cosmetic concern affecting both genders with a preference for men. Major causes of hair loss in genetically predisposed individuals include hormonal dysfunction, loss of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins in the follicular bed, and localized microinflammation. Few options are yet available to correct the problem. For this(More)
Robust estimation is an important and timely research subject. In this paper, we investigate performance lower bounds on the mean-square-error (MSE) of any estimator for the Bayesian linear model, corrupted by a noise distributed according to an i.i.d. Student's t-distribution. This class of prior parametrized by its degree of freedom is relevant to(More)
This paper investigates parametric direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation in a particular context: i) each sensor is characterized by an unknown complex gain and ii) the array consists of a collection of subarrays which are substantially separated from each other leading ] to a structured noise covariance matrix. We propose two iterative algorithms based on(More)
The development of new phased-array systems in radio astronomy, as the low-frequency array (LOFAR) and the square kilometre array (SKA), formed of a large number of small and flexible elementary antennas has led to significant challenges. Among them, model calibration is a crucial step in order to provide accurate and, thus, meaningful images and requires(More)
In this paper, we investigate the calibration of radio interferometers in which Jones matrices are considered to model the interaction between the incident electromagnetic field and the antennas of each station. Specifically, perturbation effects are introduced along the signal path, leading to the conversion of the plane wave into an electric voltage by(More)
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