Virginie Mouriès

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A comparison of the oxidations of diclofenac with microsomes of yeasts expressing various human liver cytochromes P450 showed that P450 2C9 regioselectively led to 4'-hydroxy diclofenac (4'-OHD) whereas P450 3A4 only led to 5-hydroxy diclofenac (5-OHD). P450 2C19, 2C18, and 2C8 led to the simultaneous formation of 4'-OHD and 5-OHD (respective molar ratios(More)
5-En-1-yn-3-ol substrates bearing a free hydroxyl group or an acyl group are highly versatile partners for PtCl2-catalyzed cycloisomerizations. Electrophilic activation of the alkyne moiety triggers at wish a hydride or an O-acyl migration yielding at the end to regioisomeric keto derivatives. The efficient preparation of Sabina ketone, an important(More)
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