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Erosion of Lizard Diversity by Climate Change and Altered Thermal Niches
Demise of the Lizards Despite pessimistic forecasts from recent studies examining the effects of global climate change on species, and observed extinctions in local geographic areas, there is littleExpand
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Climate warming and the evolution of morphotypes in a reptile
Climate warming is known to have effects on population dynamics through variations in survival, fecundity and density. However, the impacts of climate change on population composition are stillExpand
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Biodiversity monitoring: some proposals to adequately study species’ responses to climate change
Climate change affects all levels of biology and is a major threat for biodiversity. Hence, it is fundamental to run biodiversity monitoring programs to understand the effects of climate change onExpand
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Male Attractiveness Is Influenced by UV Wavelengths in a Newt Species but Not in Its Close Relative
Background Functional communication in the UV range has been reported in Invertebrates and all major groups of Vertebrates but Amphibians. Although perception in this wavelength range has been shownExpand
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Nitrate affects courting and breathing but not escape performance in adult newts
The increasing spread of contaminants in the environment affects the behaviour of individuals and can be predicted to modify population characteristics in the long run. It is thus crucial toExpand
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Réchauffement climatique, dessins dorsaux et variabilité environnementale chez le lézard vivipare, Lacerta vivipara
Le lezard vivipare presente une certaine plasticite de ses dessins dorsaux. Deux morphotypes sont distingues (lineaire (L) et reticule (R)) dont la production est principalement determinee par lesExpand
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